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About Information Technology (IT) Department

Konkan Railway’s Information Technology (IT) department is an essential 24×7 ‘pillar’ of KR business, helping it remain lean & efficient. IT Systems support all aspects of KRCL’s working through fully integrated ‘Railway Applications Package’ (J-RAP), a first and still unparalleled custom-ERP system.

KRCL’s Railway Applications Package includes comprehensive packages of 21 modules for day to day working of all the departments. The modules cater to all basic jobs done by personnel of each department. This enables not only automation of basic activities but also capturing of data at action points. It also does validation and part decision making.

All the module (J2EE with web-interface) run 24×7 days (round the clock) on the central RDBMS (IBM Informix v11.x), making it a ‘custom-built’ ERP, and is maintained in-house. New Development, maintenance and enhancements are done regularly to meet KRCL Business requirements. For inputs in advanced technologies, assistance is also sought from vendors for upgradation of IT systems, in view of business needs. Various Station operations are also covered in the ERP, which does regular online and batch updates to the Central Database. IT in KRCL covers most operations performed in Indian Rlys.(IR), with all the Logic, Functions & Data complexities, on a smaller user-base. This is achieved with far less Human Resources and costs than IR. The differentiating factor in KRCL is that IT has become such an integral part of the business, that there is minimum tolerance to down-times.

IT Infrastructure Architecture – Consists of “Distributed hub-spoke architecture” which have Hub stations, where maximum infrastructure for a few stations is aggregated. All such hub stations connect to the Data center at Corporate Office. The architecture enables utilization of local bandwidth as majority stations connect to the respective hub station and avoid congestion scenarios with main Data Center connectivity, Better utilization of resources e.g., Infrastructure for space, storage, UPS, DG sets, etc. and lower cost of maintenance. These cities/towns have better service infrastructure available thus reducing the cost of service. Further, since all the critical equipment is aggregated at the hub stations, number of service staff to be deployed by KRCL also reduced, thus bringing down the manpower cost considerably. A “warm” disaster recovery site has been established as a part of the IT infrastructure at Madgaon – Goa.

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Major Services /Activities of IT Include -

  1. Develop, Enhance and Maintain the custom-ERP, called J-RAP System (for all aspects of KR’s working), with 9 major & 12 minor modules, fully integrated as a ‘Railway Applications Package’ (J-RAP), a first and still unparalleled custom-ERP system on Rlys.

  2. Provide, administer and maintain Enterprise Collaboration Suite (ECS) for KRCL users having mail and Office Productivity tools ( like document Creating, Processing, Printing, Mailing, Storing etc.).

  3. Develop and Maintain KRCL official web site (www.konkanrailway.com) and Intranet Site ‘Disha’ used for Internal Communication.

  4. Safeguard user data and systems using Unified Threat Management (UTM), Anti-Virus and Security Policy, Procedures for associated risks by adherence to best practices.

  5. Provide and Maintain Support Service for KR-NET’s IT Infrastructure like Servers, Storage, Desktop Systems, Thin Clients including Administration, Backup & Restore Management, Enterprise Management Suit, Disaster Recovery Site Services etc. Use of Help-Desk for automatic incident generation for system failures and call logging.

  6. Provide training in IT as well as handle CSR by training in many remote areas of KRCL, including mobile CSR training activities.

  7. E-office : KRCL has implemented the mission mode project 'e-Office' of National Informatics Center(NIC) has a paperless office solution. A Disaster Recovery site is also available for failure recovery.

  8. Gyansagar : An e-learning portal , been made functional for usage by KR Academy to enhance and support classroom teaching and offering courses to KRCL staff , along with provision for online learning to KRCL employees.