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Brief Functions & Setup Of Commercial Department

The Commercial Department of Konkan Railway is responsible for the sale of transportation provided by a Railway, for creation and developing traffic, for securing and maintaining friendly relations with traveling and trading public and cultivating good public relations generally.

1. Passenger Marketing & Service : Booking of reserved and unreserved tickets, Ticket checking, Retiring Room & dormitories, allotment of various contracts for Catering, PCO Booths, Book stalls, Parking etc., Passenger amenities, Passenger Halt and any other matter relating to booking and service of passengers.

2. Parcel & Luggage : Booking and delivery, leasing of parcel space in brake vans/Parcel Vans and other matter relating to parcel and luggage traffic.

3. Freight Marketing & Service : Booking and delivery of goods traffic, weighment of goods and over-loading punitive charge, wharfage, Commercial management of Railway sidings, Commercial plots, Claims & Refunds and any other matter related to booking and delivery of goods traffic.

4. Operations and Marketing of unique Roll on – Roll off (RORO) service : wherein Trucks are carried ‘piggy back’ on Railway wagons.

5. Commercial publicity : Making avenues available to advertisers for publicity of their products at stations, trains, site location viz. Road under Bridges, Road Over Bridges, etc.