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Roll On – Roll Off Services

Roll on – Roll off (RORO) Service

Konkan Railways’ novel experiment with `Roll-on Roll-off’ of trucks over BRN wagons has been a resounding success. In this arrangement trucks are loaded through a ramp provided at the dead-end of a loop on BRN wagons which have been suitably modified for through passage of trucks over them. Before loading over the BRNs, the trucks are weighed and passed under a height gauge (maximum height – 3.4 metres above road level) to ensure that they conform to the maximum moving dimensions for safe passage. The driver and cleaner of the truck travel along, sleeping in their truck cabin.

Benefits of RORO services : -

1 RORO services save precious fuel for the nation.
2 Speed of Ro-Ro train is fast enough as compared to movement by Road
3 Terminal time of loading/unloading is just 15 to 20 minutes in Ro-Ro.
4 Better turnaround of trucks.
5 No risk of accidents
6 No wear and tear of trucks
7 Less pollution as trucks are not plying on the roads.
8 Tariff is competitive to sustain the market forces.
9 No hassle of octroi, toll etc.
10 No detentions at terminals
11 No paper work

Roll On Roll Off service is presently available between the following points :

1 Kolad (145 kms. from Mumbai) and Verna (12 kms. from Madgaon)
2 Verna and Surathkal (20 kms. from Manglore)
3 Kolad and Suratkal
4 Ankola and Surathkal
For More details Please contact :
Kolad Station Manager 02194-250083
Verna Station Manager 0832- 2754289
Surathkal Station Manager 0824-2475938
Ankola Station Manager 08388-230680


Sr. No Service Rate per vehicle

Additional Rate for

each additional MT

Upto 16/11/17 W.e.f..17/11/17

Kolad – Verna

Verna – Kolad

 Rs. 4856/-

(upto 15 MT)


(upto 15 MT)

Rs. 350/-

Kolad – Surathkal

Surathkal – Kolad

Rs. 7602/-

(upto 10 MT)


(upto 10 MT)

11 MT to 15 MT - Rs. 200/-
16 MT to 25 MT - Rs.500/-
Above 25 MT - Rs.600/-

Verna – Surathkal

Surathkal – Verna

Rs. 3744/-

(upto 15 MT)

Rs. 3925/-

(upto 15 MT)

Rates are subject to change from time to time, customers are advised to contact the station for details.
Notes -
i) Maximum gross weight of vehicle permitted on RORO service is 40 MT
ii) For rates of Ankola – Surathkal service – please contact Station Manager/Ankola or Surathkal.