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Partial cancellation of Train No. 70105 / 70106 MAO-MAQ-MAO DEMU service between Thokur-Mangaluru Central – Thokur section.


 It has been decided by Southern Railway to extend the partial cancellation of  train No. 70105 / 70106 Madgaon Jn. (MAO) - Mangaluru Central (MAQ) - Madgaon Jn. (MAO) DEMU service between Thokur – Mangaluru Central – Thokur  section upto 31/05/2019.  

Timings are as under:

Train No.          Train Name                                             Station                    Schedule Time
70105        Madgaon Jn. - Mangaluru Central                                                       Arrival
                                   DEMU Passenger                         Thokur                        11.21

70106        Mangaluru Central – Masgaon Jn.                                                    Departure
                      DEMU Passenger                                      Thokur                        15.31

Passengers may please note the changes.         


L K Verma
Chief Public Relations Officer

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