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Relaxed Refund Rules for PRS counter generated ticket - Move to avoid over crowding at Railway Stations in view of COVID 19 and practice social distancing


In order to facilitate rail passengers in availing facility of refund of tickets along with ensuring avoidance of crowded places and practice social distancing, Ministry of Railway has relaxed Refund Rules for PRS counter generated tickets as a special case.

All rules for e-ticket remain same as passenger does not need to come to Station for refund of ticket. This relaxation is for 3 months journey period i.e from 21st March - 21st June 2020. Relaxation in the Refund Rules for PRS counter generated tickets are as follows:

For trains cancelled by Railways for journey period 21st March - 21st June 2020, refund across counter can be taken on submission of ticket upto 3 (three) months from date of journey. (Instead of extant rule of 3 days/ 72 hours excluding day of journey)

When train is NOT cancelled but Passenger does not want to perform journey.

1. TDR ( Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be filed within 3 months from date of journey at the station. (Instead of extant rule of 3 days)
2. TDR can be submitted to CCO (Chief claims officer)/ CCM (Chief Commercial Manager), Refund / Claims office for getting the refund with 60 days of filing of TDR subject to verification from Train chart. (Instead of extant rule of 10 days)
3. For passengers who want cancel ticket through 139 can get refund across the counter within 3 months from date of journey. (Instead of extant rule of up to scheduled departure of the train.)

Passengers have been advised to avail the facility and avoid coming to railway stations in order to check the spread of the virus.

Passengers are advised to avoid non essential travel and sudden crowding of trains or the refund counters which will only raise possibility of spread of the Corona virus.


L K Verma
Chief Public Relations Officer

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