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Konkan Railway ensures uninterrupted supplies of essential commodities


Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Indian Railway has suspended the operations of all passenger train services till 31st March 2020. Konkan Railway in co-ordination with Zonal Railways is operating only freight trains to ensure uninterrupted freight services for the availability of essential commodities.

Konkan Railway passes through 03 states i.e. Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka and is working in close co-ordination with these state governments so that rakes of essential commodities are handled smoothly without any delay, amidst various restriction imposed in the wake of COVID-19.

During the situation of lockdown in various states, Konkan Railway Staff have been deployed at various good sheds, stations and control offices and are working on 24/7 basis to ensure that the supply of essential items does not get affected.

To monitor the uninterrupted movement of essential commodities over Indian Railway system, an Emergency freight control is working in the Ministry of Railways. Freight movement is being closely monitored by officials at very senior level.

Konkan Railway understands its crucial role during this difficult time and requests all the stakeholders to fully support in ensuring faster loading and unloading of essential supplies.


L K Verma
Chief Public Relations Officer

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