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Conversion of ICF rakes of “Mandovi” Express and “Konkankanya” Express to LHB Stock


Passenger safety and comfort is one of the major concerns of Konkan Railway. As an initiative to improve passenger safety and comfort, Konkan Railway has taken a major step by replacing the existing ICF design  rakes of Train No.10104 / 10103 Madgaon Jn. - Mumbai CSMT - Madgaon Jn. “Mandovi” Express and Train No. 10112 / 10111 Madgaon Jn. - Mumbai CSMT - Madgaon Jn. “Konkankanya” Express by modern LHB design coaches. 
The LHB coaches have been designed for improved passenger safety. These aesthetically designed LHB coaches are made up of stainless steel and the interiors are made of aluminium which make them lighter when compared to the conventional rakes. The LHB coaches are longer than the old coaches, thereby increasing the seating capacity .They are equipped with FIAT bogie, which require less intensive maintenance. Each coach also has an "Advanced Pneumatic Disc Brake System" for efficient braking at higher speeds, "Modular Interiors" that integrate lighting into the ceiling and luggage racks and wider windows. The LED lighting used in LHB coaches are energy efficient . 

The Hydraulic shock absorber and improved suspension system of LHB coaches ensures greater riding comfort for the passengers compared to conventional rakes. 
The air conditioning system of the LHB coaches is superior compared to the older rakes and is controlled by a microprocessor which gives passengers better comfort  during summer and winter seasons.  They are provided with Centre Buffer Coupling (CBC), which ensure greater safety . 

The introduction of the LHB coaches will be an add - on to the existing amenities provided by Konkan Railway to its passengers.

The revised composition of Trains is as follows: 

1. Trains running on Temporary basis from 10th June 2019 to 31st August 2019

2. Trains running on Permanent Basis from 1st September 2019

This is for the information of all customers .

L K Verma
Chief Public Relations Officer

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