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Brief Functions & Setup Of Commercial Department

The Commercial Department of Konkan Railway is responsible for the passenger and goods transportation and related facilities,  developing and attracting traffic, and cultivating good public relations generally.

1. Passenger Marketing & Service : Booking of reserved and unreserved tickets, Ticket checking, Retiring Room & dormitories, allotment of various contracts for Catering, PCO Booths, Book stalls, Parking etc., Passenger amenities, Passenger Halt and any other matter relating to booking and service of passengers.

2. Parcel & Luggage : Booking and delivery, leasing of parcel space in brake vans/Parcel Vans and other matter relating to parcel and luggage traffic.

3. Freight Marketing & Service : Booking and delivery of goods traffic, weighment of goods and over-loading punitive charge, wharfage, Commercial management of Railway sidings, Commercial plots, Claims & Refunds and any other matter related to booking and delivery of goods traffic.

4. Operations and Marketing of unique Roll on – Roll off (RORO) service : wherein Trucks are carried ‘piggy back’ on Railway wagons.

5. Commercial publicity : Making avenues available to advertisers for publicity of their products at stations, trains, site location viz. Road under Bridges, Road Over Bridges, etc. 

                                                                                                                                          Updated on 14/05/2024