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Compensation Claims

Compensation Claims Procedure

Compensation for human casualty & injury Who is a victim: The passengers who met with an accident, as defined under Section 124 of the Railways Act, 1989 or become victim of untoward incidents as defined under Section 124-A of the Railways Act are entitled to compensation for loss of life and injuries as a result of their involvement in a train accident or untoward incident.

Who can claim: The claimant may be injured person or next of kin of the dead or injured or the authorized agent.

Where to claim: The claimant or his agent or his duly authorized legal practitioner should present the application in triplicate to the Registrar of the Railway Claims Tribunal having jurisdiction over the place of residence of the applicant or the place where the passenger purchases his ticket or the place where the accident or untoward incident occurs or where the place of destination station lies. The application can also be sent by registered post to the Registrar of the Bench concerned.

Scale of compensation: The scale of compensation is decided as per the Railways Accident and Untoward Incidents (Compensation) Amendment Rules, 1997

How to apply for compensation: The claimant or his agent or his duly authorized legal practitioner should present the application to the Tribunal in Form II in triplicate to the Registrar. The application can also be sent by registered post to the Registrar of the Bench concerned.

Where the number of respondents is more than one, as many extra copies of the application as there are respondents, together with unused file size envelopes, bearing the full address of such respondents, shall be furnished by the applicant.

The applicant may attach to and present with his application receipt slip in Form IV which shall be signed by the Registrar of the officer receiving the application on behalf of the Registrar in acknowledgement.

Every application including any miscellaneous application shall be typed legibly in double space on one side on thick paper of good quality.

No fee is charged for filing accident/untoward incident claim in Railway Claims Tribunal.

Particulars required for filing claims in Railway Claims Tribunal:

  1. Name and father’s name of the person injured/dead (husband’s name in the case of married woman or widow)
  2. Full address of the injured/dead
  3. Age of the person injured/dead.
  4. Occupation of the person injured/dead.
  5. Name and address of the employer of the deceased, if any.
  6. Brief particulars of the accident indicating the date and place of accident and the name of the train involved.
  7. Class of travel, and ticket/pass number, to the extent known.
  8. Nature of injuries sustained along with medical certificate.
  9. Name and address of the Medical Officer/Practitioner, if any, who attended on the injured/dead and period of treatment.
  10. Disability for work, if any, caused.
  11. Details of the loss of any luggage on account of the accident.
  12. Has any claim been lodged with any other authority? If so, particulars thereof.
  13. Name and permanent address of the applicant.
  14. Local address of the applicant, if any.
  15. Relationship with the deceased/ injured.
  16. Amount of compensation claimed.
  17. Where the application is not made one year of the occurrence of the accident, the grounds thereof.
  18. Any other information or documentary evidence that may be necessary or helpful in the disposal of the claim.


Documents which facilitate expeditious adjudication of claims by Tribunal:

  1. Post-mortem report in case of death.
  2. Copy of FIR in case of death/injury.
  3. Medical report indicating the details of injuries sustained by the passengers.
  4. Death certificate from the District Administration in case of death of a passenger.
  5. Heirship title, in case of death.
  6. Documentary proof of bonafide of the victim/deceased as passenger of the train on the date of accident/untoward incident, if available otherwise indicate class of travel, ticket/pass No. to the extent known.


Interim Relief: Pending settlement of an accident or untoward incident claim case, on a request received from a claimant, the Railway Administration is authorized to pay a certain amount by way of giving interim relief to a claimant, which would be required by the claimant to meet emergent expenses and afford immediate relief. This amount is adjusted on final settlement of the claim case by the Railway Claims Tribunal

What is time limit for filing Claim Application: One year from the date of accident/incident.However Tribunal has been empowered to entertain an application even after the aforesaid period if the applicant satisfies the Bench that he had sufficient cause for not making the application within stipulated period.

For any assistance contact :

Chief Commercial Manager (CCM)
Konkan Railway Corporation Limited,
Sector -11, Belapur Bhavan, CBD-Belapur
Navi Mumbai – 400614,
Tel – (022) 27587595, FAX – (022) 27572420

Or visit : http://www.rct.indianrail.gov.in

Application form – Form –II

Application receipt slip – Form IV

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