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Interchange Points And Distance

Interchange points of Konkan Railway with other Zonal Railways and Distances over Konkan Railway

Konkan Railway meets the Indian Railway zones at the following stations (Interchange Points)

Central Railway Roha (ROHA)

South Western Railway – Majorda (MJO)

South Western Railway – Madgaon (MAO)

Southern Railway – Thokur (TOK)

Chargeable distance between Interchanges Points ( Ex Roha):

All distances are in KMs

Interchange points Coaching Freight
Roha- Majorda 608.72 652.21
Roha- Madgaon 619.44 663.69
Roha- Thokur 1033.82 1107.68


Note: To recover the cost of construction and heavy cost of maintenance of the Konkan railway Line. The distances over Konkan Railway route are inflated by 40% for coaching (passengers) traffic and by 50% for freight traffic.

                                                                                                                                           Updated on 14/05/2024