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Cancellations of Special Trains due to cyclone Tauktae


Due to cyclone Tauktae, it has been decided by South Western Railway, Southern Railway and Western Railway to Cancel / Partially Cancel the following Special Trains :

Cancellation of Trains:

  1. Train no. 09577 Tirunelveli - Jamnagar Special Express journey dated 17/05/2021 (Monday) is cancelled.

  2. Train no. 07342 Vasco Da Gama - Kulem Passenger journey  dated 16/05/2021 (Sunday) is cancelled.

  3. Train no. 07343 Vasco Da Gama - Kulem Passenger journey  dated 16/05/2021 (Sunday) is cancelled.

  4. Train no. 07344 Kulem - Vasco Da Gama Passenger journey  dated 16/05/2021 (Sunday) is cancelled.

  5. Train No. 07340 Vasco-Da-Gama - Yesvantpur Jn. Express Special journey  dated 16/05/2021 (Sunday) is cancelled.

  6. Train No. 07339 Yesvantpur Jn. - Vasco-Da-Gama Express Special journey dated 16/05/2021 (Sunday) is cancelled.


Partial Cancellation of Train:

  1. Train No. 06337 Okha - Ernakulam Jn. Special is partially cancelled between Okha and Ahmedabad Jn. Train will short originate from Ahmedabad Jn. for journey dated 17/05/2021 ( Monday).


Passengers are requested to kindly note the same. Inconvenience caused is regretted.

G R Karandikar
Dy. General Manager / PR

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