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Konkan Railway Gears Up for Monsoon-2024


As the monsoon season approaches, bringing its characteristic heavy rainfall to the Konkan region, Konkan Railway is stepping up its efforts to ensure the safety and reliability of its train services. A series of comprehensive measures have been implemented to prepare for the challenges posed by the monsoon, focusing on infrastructure maintenance, enhanced patrolling, and emergency preparedness. These efforts are aimed at minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth and safe operation of trains, even under adverse weather conditions. With a track record of significant improvements in geo-safety and operational readiness, Konkan Railway is well-equipped to handle the monsoon season.

Key Preparations:

  1. Drainage and Infrastructure Maintenance:

    • Intensive cleaning of catch water drains.

    • Detailed inspections of railway cuttings.

    • Significant geo-safety projects over the past few years have successfully minimized incidents of boulder falls and soil slips, ensuring safer train operations. Notably, there have been no major service disruptions due to boulder falls during the monsoon in the past decade.

  2. Monsoon Patrolling:

    • Deployment of 672 personnel to patrol the railway route during the monsoon season.

    • Round-the-clock patrolling at identified vulnerable locations and imposition of speed restrictions in these areas.

    • BRN mounted excavators positioned strategically for quick emergency response.

    • Rail Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) will be stationed at 09 designated locations viz. Veer, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Rajapur Road, Kudal, Verna, Karwar, Bhatkal & Udupi.

    • Tower wagons are stationed at Mangaon, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Karmali, Karwar & Udupi for quick emergency response.

  3. Operational Adjustments:

    • In cases of heavy rainfall with limited visibility, loco pilots are instructed to reduce train speeds to 40 km/hr.

    • Self-propelled Accident Relief Medical Vans (ARMVs), equipped with operation theater and emergency medical aid, are on standby at Ratnagiri and Verna.

    • An Accident Relief Train (ART) is also ready at Verna ready to move within 15 minutes.

    • In situations where the water level on the tracks exceeds 100mm, train services will be temporarily suspended until the water recedes, ensuring passenger safety.

  4. Enhanced Communication Systems:

    • Safety personnel equipped with mobile phones for emergency communication with the control office / station.

    • Loco Pilots and Guards provided with Walkie-talkie sets.

    • All stations are equipped with 25 Watt VHF base stations for seamless wireless communication between train crew and Station Masters.

    • Emergency Communication (EMC) sockets installed approximately every 1 km along the route for immediate contact between Patrolmen, Watchmen, Loco Pilots Guard and other field maintenance staff with control offices during emergencies.

    • Satellite phones communication have been provided in ARMVs for emergency use.

  5. Technological Upgrades:

    • LED signals installed for improved visibility.

    • Self-recording rain gauges installed at nine stations (Mangaon, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Vilwade, Kankavali, Madgaon, Karwar, Bhatkal and Udupi) to monitor and alert officials about rainfall levels.

    • Flood warning systems installed at three bridges i.e Kali river (between Mangaon & Veer), Savitri river (between Veer & Sape Wamane) and  Vashishti river (between Chiplun & Kamathe) to alert officials if water levels reach dangerous levels.

    • Anemometers installed at four locations Panval viaduct (between Ratnagiri & Nivasar), Mandovi bridge (between Thivim & Karmali), Zuari bridge (Karmali & Verna), and Sharavati bridge (between Honnavar & Manki) to monitor wind velocity.

  6. Round-the-Clock Control Rooms:

    • Control rooms in Belapur, Ratnagiri, and Madgaon will operate 24/7 throughout the monsoon period to ensure safe train operations.

    • Medical teams will be available at 06 locations viz. Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Verna, Madgaon, Karwar & Udupi.

  7. Monsoon Timetable:

    • The monsoon timetable is in effect from June 10, 2024, to October 31, 2024 during this period, the sectional speed is reduced to ensure safety and accommodate the challenging weather conditions.

    • KRCL is a part of the National Disaster Management and also has its own disaster management plan.

    • Daily Updates of the weather forecasts are taken from the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

    • Passengers can check train status online at www.konkanrailway.com or by dialing 139.

Konkan Railway is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of its passengers with these thorough preparations, aiming for a secure and smooth travel experience during the monsoon season.

Girish Karandikar
Chief Public Relations Officer

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