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Waiver Of wharfage & Demurrage – Rules And Procedures

Procedure to be followed in respect of Waiver & Refund of Demurrage & Wharfage

  1. In case the consignor / consignee feels that demurrage/wharfage was due to reasons beyond his control he could apply for waiver giving all relevant details with documentary evidence wherever necessary.
  2. First application for waiver of demurrage or wharfage should be submitted to the Station Manager /Goods Supervisor within 10 (Ten) days from the date upto which these charges had accrued.
  3. In case of wharfage, the consignor / consignee should first remove the consignment from the railway premises, deposit the amount of wharfage charges and submit the original proof of such payment along with his application while preferring for waiver at first instance itself.
  4. The delay beyond ten days period as mentioned above can be condoned only with the personal approval of the Regional Railway Manager/Chief Commercial Manager depending upon whether the reasons for delay given in the application are satisfactory. Application for condonation of delay in preferring an appeal for waiver of demurrage however shall be entertained only after the demurrage charges have been paid in full and the application is supported with proof of such payment.
  5. The circumstances which lead to accrual of demurrage/wharfage charges can be broadly grouped in categories as under :
    1. Reasons beyond the control of the consignor/consignee like labour strike, transportation strike, general bandhs, agitations, riots, curfew, fire, explosion, heavy rains or other abnormal/unforeseen circumstances.
    2. Act of God, act of war and act of public enemies.
  6. Appeal against order of waiver,
    1. A consignor/consignee can prefer an appeal to a higher authority in case he is not satisfied with the decision of a lower authority. The Station Manager/Chief Goods Superintendent should forward the appeal to the Regional Authority within 3(three) days of the receipt of the appeal who in turn will forward the case to the Corporate Office with recommendations if any.
    2. An appeal against the order of lower authority should be preferred within 30 (thirty) days of the date when the decision of the lower authority is communicated.
    3. A maximum of only two appeals can be made against the decision of the lower authorities.
S.No. Designation of officer at corporate
and Regional level
Maximum amount of
demurrage per wagon
which can be considered
by an officer
Maximum amount of
wharfage per
Consignment which can
be considered by an
1. Director (O&C) Full Powers Full Powers
2. CCM Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-
3. RRM Rs.25,000/- Rs.25,000/-
4. Sr.RTM / RTM working as Branch Officer Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,000/-
5. RTM / STM in Senior Scale Rs.600/- Rs.600/-
6. ACM/ATM/Area Officer in Jr.Scale Rs.300/- Rs.300/-

                                                                                                                                    Updated on 14/05/2024