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Registration Of Indents & Standard Size Of Rakes

Registration of wagon demand (Indent)

Customers willing to transport their consignments in rake loads/wagonloads should place an indent for supply wagons/rakes duly paying the prescribed wagon demand registration fee notified from time to time. A forwarding note duly filled in should be tendered by the sender at the time of registration of demand for supply of wagons.

The Wagon Demand Registration fee in force for Broad Guage Line is as under:

a) Per Wagon – Rs.1,500/-
b) Per Rake of standard size – Rs.50, 000/-

Consignor should indicate the type of wagons required (covered/open) while registration of an indent. The details of registration of indent are maintained in the Wagon demand/priority register at all stations opened for goods.

Allotment/Loading orders are issued in accordance with the priority of registration and also having regard to preferential schedules prescribed by the Railway Board, quotas and restrictions in force and other operating considerations.

Forfeiture of registration fee: Registration fee will be forfeited under any of the following circumstances:

a) When the wagon indent is cancelled after the physical supply of the wagon.
b) When the consignor does not agree to pay the charges as per the tariff rules.
c) When a wagon indent is cancelled by the indenter within 10 days from the date of registration.

Refund of registration fee: Station Masters are authorized to refund the registration fee on surrender of receipt foil by the indenter in cases where the fee is not forfeited. No refund can be allowed unless the original receipt foil issued at the time of payment of the amount is surrendered. In cases where the original receipt is lost the refund is to be made only on the authority of the stamped indemnity note. Refund of registration fee will be made only to the person mentioned in the receipt or his authorized agent after obtaining his acknowledgement.


For rake size details please conact the Station Master of the Goods Shed

Details of Goods Shed 

                                                                                                                                          Updated on 01/09/2022